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The INCF community blog is where we collect news, success stories, information about the INCF Assembly, our workshops, and community activities. You can also submit your relevant job openings. You can suggest content for the blog by filling out this form.


  • New Working Group: INCF WG on ARTEM-IS

    The new ARTEM-IS Working Group aims to develop tools for the ARTEM-IS standard for electrophysiological methods reporting. ARTEM-IS is short for an Agreed Reporting Template for EEG Methodology - International Standard and is designed to make reporting EEG methodology easier and more accurate, by providing specific fields for specific details.

  • It’s still open science week!

    INCF facilitates open neuroscience by 1) developing, vetting, and promoting FAIR standards and best practices, and 2) providing training in how to implement these standards and best practices on your own research. The purpose is to make neuroscience more open and FAIR, to ensure that research funds and efforts are well invested, and that neuroscientific findings are robust and replicable. 

  • It’s open science week!

    Of course, over here at INCF, every week is open science week -- open neuroscience, to be more specific -- and we believe that all branches of science should be open. Recent history has made it clear that science happens faster when it’s open, and we need science to happen faster than it currently does. Humanity is facing several severe challenges with the changing climate and microorganisms run amok, just to name a few very urgent ones. 

  • INCF successfully completes its 11th Google Summer of Code

    INCF has successfully concluded its 11th season of the Google Summer of Code, with 21 students completing their projects over the summer, mentored by more than 40 mentors from the INCF community.

  • A clinical neuroimaging platform built on community standards

    A collaboration between French researchers and clinicians has leveraged the BIDS (the Brain Imaging Data Structure) standard for neuroimaging datasets and the tool ecosystem that has developed around BIDS to build an easy-to-use neuroimaging data analysis platform for those who conduct clinical neuroscience studies.

  • Summer project collaboration between INCF and Mathworks
    This summer Mathworks and INCF have in collaboration completed a pilot engaging students as trainees to work on MATLAB neuroscience toolboxes. The projects were 8 weeks long, starting in late June.
  • Application Scientist with focus on Neuroscience / Neuroimaging - Biomax Informatics AG

    To strengthen the project management department, Biomax Informatics AG is looking for an Application Scientist with focus on Neuroscience / Neuroimaging for the location in Planegg near Munich as soon as possible.

  • Interview with Falk Lüsebrink, creator of a unique, 10-year BIDS data set

    ”Publicly available data is at the heart of open science” - Interview with Falk Lüsebrink, creator of a unique, 10-year BIDS data set.

  • Virtual INCF Neuroinformatics Training Weeks 2021

    INCF is proud to announce its first virtual training event! The INCF Training Weeks are scheduled to take place from August 23 to September 3rd.

    There will be practical, interactive workshops on topics like cloud computing, Neurodata Without Borders (NWB), data and metadata management with NIX, and DataJoint elements, and tutorials on using standards such as NeuroML, BIDS, and NIDM tools.

  • New INCF Working Group: INCF/OCNS Software WG
    The Software Working Group is a joint collaboration between INCF and the Organization for Computational Neuroscience (OCNS). The working group focuses on evaluating and improving computational neuroscience tools: finding them, testing them, learning how they work, and informing developers of issues to ensure that these tools remain in good shape by having communities looking after them.