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The new INCF community blog is where we collect news, success stories, information about the INCF Assembly, our workshops, and community activities. You can also submit your relevant job openings. You can suggest content for the blog by filling out this form.


  • New BIDS Steering Group announced

    The BIDS community has voted in a Steering Group of five candidates, chosen as a slate. The slate chosen is the Guiomar Niso chaired slate with Melanie Ganz, Robert Oostenveld, Russ Poldrack, and Kirstie Whitaker!

  • INCF at SfN19

    INCF had a booth at SfN 2019 in Chicago, held on October 19–23. The booth space was used for demos of INCF community projects and tools, among them Neurodata Without Borders, NITRC, ReproNim, g-node’s NIX, the BIDS standard and the INCF-developed tool Neurobot.

  • GSoc Mentor Summit, Munich, Oct 17-20

    INCF Community Engagement officer Malin Sandström has administered INCF’s partition in Google Summer of Code for 6 years, but never visited the yearly GSoC Mentor Summit.

    - It was a very useful event, she says. And it was fantastic to meet our students and mentors  in person.

  • INCF is announcing new memberships, new portal, and a new video!

    INCF has worked hard in the past months to optimize the services we provide to the neuroscience community, and we’re finally ready to announce the improvements we have done in order to serve the community better! First up is our new membership models - we have expanded the ways the community can be active participants and contributors to our mission to develop, evaluate, endorse, and implement standards and best practices that embrace the principles of open, FAIR, and citable neuroscience. 

  • Call for community review: Neurodata Without Borders: Neurophysiology (NWB:N) 2.0 - a data standard for neurophysiology as an INCF-endorsed standard

    NWB:N 2.0 is a data standard for neurophysiology, providing neuroscientists with a common standard to share, archive, use, and build common analysis tools for neurophysiology data. The standard is designed to store a variety of neurophysiology data, including from intracellular and extracellular electrophysiology experiments, optical physiology experiments, as well as tracking and stimulus data.

  • INCF at SfN 2019 in Chicago!

    INCF will be present as exhibitor at Neuroscience 2019 in Chicago, IL, October 19-23. As usual, we will be co-located with a number of other neuroinformatics exhibitors, and we will host demos from our member countries and other INCF-associated projects. Come find us in booth 2117!

  • BIDS and the NeuroImaging Data Model (NIDM)

    The following statement is designed to clarify the complementary nature of the Brain Imaging Data Structure(BIDS) and the NeuroImaging Data Model (NIDM).

  • Postdoctoral Scholar - Keator Laboratory

    A Postdoctoral Scholar position is available in the Keator lab in the Department of Psychiatry & Human Behavior at the University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine campus. The lab is a multi-disciplinary environment focused in three principle domains: (1) Identifying brain-based biomarkers of dementia; (2) The development of advanced machine learning models for problems in neuroimaging and medicine; (3) Developing biomedical informatics tools and techniques for structured data exchange and reproducibility in neuroimaging.

  • INCF announced the 2019 Assembly in Warsaw Poland

    The annual INCF Congress provides a meeting place for researchers in all fields related to neuroinformatics. Join us for keynotes from top neuroscientists, community sessions and poster- and demo sessions.

  • The official launch of TrainingSpace!

    INCF is proud to announce the official launch of TrainingSpace (TS), an online hub that aims to make neuroscience educational materials more accessible to the global neuroscience community developed in collaboration with INCF, HBP, SfN, FENS, IBRO, CONP, IEEE, BD2K, and iNeuro Initiative.