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Global survey on data-sharing barriers in neuroscience - please share!

4 August 2023

INCF has long held the view that global neuroscience efforts can be enriched, optimized, and accelerated by open and transparent exchange of data between researchers. While several initiatives have been created to facilitate the implementation of the FAIR data principles (i.e., increase the findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reuse of digital assets), there remains considerable room for improvement. In a continuing effort to identify barriers to data sharing and reuse among neuroscience researchers worldwide, INCF’s Infrastructure Committee is redistributing a brief anonymous survey. The results will be made public and will be used by INCF and its collaborators to develop strategies and activities for supporting the global neuroscience community. 

Survey graphIn the survey’s initial round last year, we received responses from researchers working in various neuroscientific subdisciplines in both academia and industry (right), located in over 25 different countries (below). While we are grateful for those who have already shared their insights with INCF by completing the survey, we are eager to build upon our findings and distill more concrete insights which we can deliver back to the neuroscience community. To have real impact, the survey needs to reach the broadest possible range of neuroscience researchers.  We would be very grateful for your help in spreading the word to your friends and colleagues - the more responses we get, the more valuable and useful the survey will be!

Thank you for devoting 2 minutes of your time to complete our survey.

Survey graph

*No personal data will be collected within this survey, but please note that the survey uses Google Forms; their  privacy policies can be found here.    
Follow the link above to the survey if you agree with these policies.