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The INCF community blog is where we collect news, success stories, information about the INCF Assembly, our workshops, and community activities. You can also submit your relevant job openings. You can suggest content for the blog by filling out this form.


  • Call for community review of Neo - deadline Sept 29

    INCF is asking for your help to review the Neo object model for electrophysiology data, to assess its value as a community standard. Participating is simple; read the INCF SBP committee review report on F1000 and leave your feedback in the comments!

  • Global survey on data-sharing barriers in neuroscience - please share!
    Infrastructure Committee is trying to identify barriers to data sharing and reuse among neuroscience researchers worldwide, with a brief anonymous survey. The results will be made public, and will be used by INCF to develop strategies and activities for supporting the global neuroscience community.
  • Get inspired, get connected - join us at the INCF Assembly in September!

    There is still time to register for our yearly neuroinformatics community meet-up and training event, the INCF Assembly in September - and we have just opened up submissions of late-breaking abstracts! Submit your abstracts by Friday August 19.

  • JMM Invited Special Sessin on Tensor Representation, Completion, Modeling and Analytics of Complex Data

    Invited special session on "Tensor Representation, Completion, Modeling and Analytics of Complex Data" and would like to invite the INCF Community to submit abstracts for presentations at the upcoming Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM) in Boston, MA, January 4-7, 2023.

  • How does INCF support FAIR research data management in neuroscience?

    One of INCF’s core activities is the endorsement and promotion of already existing community Standards and Best Practices (SBPs). We have working groups developing newSBPs, and/or developing tools that implement SBPs to make them useful for the rest of the community. You can read more about why and how we endorse Standards and Best Practices, and browse our Standards and Best Practices portfolio.

  • What is metadata?

    Having read about the FAIR principles in our last post, you might wonder - what is metadata? Metadata is data that describes other data. It summarizes basic information about data, making it easier to find and work with particular instances of data. To be as useful as possible, metadata needs to be standardized so it can be used and understood by many, and especially by machines.

  • Why are we a FAIR organization?

    Rapid technical development means that neuroscience datasets are growing ever bigger and more complex, which makes them harder to store, analyze and share. However, if data are organized, well defined and well described in a standardized way, computational methods can help.

  • Coming up: International Data Week blog & twitter special

    On June 20-23, the International Data Week conference is taking place in Seoul, South Korea. Simultaneously, the international research data community will take the opportunity to highlight and discuss research data issues publicly, mostly online.

  • Call for community review of Neo

    INCF is asking for your help to review the Neo object model for electrophysiology data, to assess its value as a community standard.

    Neo is an object model for handling electrophysiology data in multiple formats. It is suitable for representing data acquired from electroencephalographic, intracellular, or extracellular recordings, or generated from simulations.

  • INCF/OCNS Software Working Group free tool tutorials, June 27 - July 1

    The INCF/OCNS Software Working Group is hosting a virtual five-day satellite event with neuroscience software tool tutorials on June 27 - July 1, before the CNS*2022 conference.