What we do

INCF promotes the implementation of neuroinformatics and advances data reuse and reproducibility in brain research by organizing activities and providing tools and resources

The global INCF network aims to facilitate the work of neuroscientists by providing the following resources and services:

  • a library of INCF-endorsed community standards and best practices for global neuroscience, which comply with the FAIR principles
  • Provide financial support to working groups developing standards and best practices that comply with the FAIR principles
  • TrainingSpace, an online repository of neuroinformatics training and educational resources, developed by the INCF community and partners
  • KnowledgeSpace, a community encyclopedia linking brain research concepts to data, models, and literature, developed by INCF in collaboration with HBP and NIF
  • an informatics platform for data on traumatic brain injury from Europe’s CENTER-TBI project
  • links to repositories of neuroscience software and tools developed by the INCF community
  • an inventory of public data repositories
  • publishing services with F1000 and through the Neuroscience Peer Review Consortium (NPRC)
  • the world's leading conference in neuroinformatics where INCF community gather to advance the field
  • meeting organization for our Special Interest Groups to come together and work on collaborative projects
  • spaces for the community to demonstrate its tools at other international neuroscience conferences