The INCF network consists of countries, regions, organizations, and individual neuroscience researchers who collaborate to develop and promote global brain research.

INCF is an international non-profit organization devoted to advancing the field of neuroinformatics, which functions through its global network consisting of Governing and Associate Nodes, national networks which collectively contribute to the scientific operation of INCF and to the global promotion of neuroinformatics and its applications.

The broader INCF network also includes regions, organizations, and individual researchers that participate in international neuroinformatics activities, such as the Special Interest Groups (SIGs), which let INCF capture ideas and advance work in the scientific areas that are of most interest to the community. INCF participates in a number of international collaborations in relation to neuroinformatics training, coordination of large-scale projects, scientific publishing, and outreach.

The governing structure of INCF includes a Governing Board, comprised by representatives from the Governing Members, and a Council for Training, Science, and Infrastructure (CTSI), with broad international representation, which recommends INCF's direction in these areas. Reflecting INCF’s efforts in neuroinformatics training and infrastructure, the CTSI has appointed committees for Training and Education, and for Infrastructure.

The INCF Network is supported by the INCF Secretariat, located at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden. The Secretariat is the central office of INCF and is responsible for coordinating the scientific, infrastructural, training and education activities of the network, supporting the Nodes, and conducting project management, outreach, communications, logistical and administrative activities.

At the INCF Congress of Neuroinformatics (2014)

Community discussions at Neuroinformatics 2014