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FAIR roadmap for neuroscience

The FAIR roadmap project is an ambitious project led by the INCF Council for Training, Science, and Infrastructure (CTSI) that aims to provide a global plan for how to move neuroscience towards a more open, FAIR, and citable discipline. The roadmap is a living document that is intended to serve as a framework for identifying the current gaps, challenges, and opportunities in the landscape of open, FAIR, and citable neuroscience, as well as a framework for coordinating community action.

The current areas of work include:

Data acquisition
Data modeling
Long-term data archiving and curation
Data processing and interpretation

In addition to developing the roadmap, the project will also create portfolios of existing tools and resources that facilitate open, FAIR, and citable neuroscience. The current portfolio includes:

Are you interested in learning more about FAIR and looking to gain an understanding of how to implement the FAIR Guiding Principles in your research?

Please visit the following study tracks on the TrainingSpace.