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Fiscal sponsorship

Fiscal sponsorship

The Secretariat provides fiduciary oversight, financial management, and other administrative services such as reporting and contract management for projects operated within the scope of INCF’s mission.

Benefits of fiscal sponsorship through INCF

  • Improved access to funding, increased credibility, and low-cost financial and administrative services

  • Access to INCF platforms for dissemination, community building, and training services, sparing projects the necessity of developing these resources and allowing them to focus on programmatic activities

  • Support for nascent projects in developing the necessary organizational capabilities to eventually spin off as independent non-profits

Pricing is determined on a case by case basis based on the project’s budget and level of administrative support required. Contact the Secretariat for more information about how INCF can provide fiscal sponsorship for your project or initiative:

Current fiscal sponsorships


INCF supports MathWorks in its community building efforts by coordinating MathWorks sponsored working groups and supports MathWorks’s capacity building by providing financial and administrative services for a summer coding mentorship program. 

Google Summer of Code

INCF serves as an umbrella organization for open source projects within the INCF network by coordinating their participation in the Google Summer of Code Program and by providing financial and administrative support to the projects. Read more


INCF provides SciCrunch with financial and administrative services for funding that required the company to partner with a non-profit. Read more about the project.