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Companies providing products and services in areas related to neuroscience, neurotech, data science, and e-infrastructure can join the INCF Industry Advisory Council (IAC), which provides:

  • a forum to discuss implementation of standards and best practices, identifying use cases and practical challenges, etc.
  • a channel for finding research and industry collaborators
  • facilitation and possible matched funding of research-industry collaborations
  • access to discussions in INCF's internal committees for science, training, infrastructure, and standards & best practices

The IAC has representation on the INCF Governing Board and the Council for Training, Science, and Infrastructure (CTSI). The IAC contributes to the INCF network in areas such as development and implementation of open standards, cross-discipline standardization, commercialization, mentorship activities, and career development.

Membership fees and benefits


50k USD/year


  • 1 Seat - Governing Board
  • 1 Vote - Governing Board
  • 2 Seats - CTSI2
  • 1 Vote - CTSI2
  • 2 premium benefits packages (see below)
  • 2 standard benefits packages (see below)


20k USD/year


  • elected rep1 seat - Governing Board
  • elected rep1 vote - Governing Board
  • 1 Seat - CTSI2
  • 1 Vote - CTSI2
  • 1 premium benefits package (see below)
  • 1 standard benefits package (see below)


2k USD/year


  • elected rep1 seat - Governing Board
  • elected rep1 vote - Governing Board
  • 1 Seat - CTSI2
  • 0 Vote - CTSI2
  • 1 standard benefits package (see below)
  • additional benefits packages can be purchased separately

1The silver and bronze members will elect 1 joint representative who will have 1 vote on the Governing board
2Council of Training, Science, and Infrastructure(CTSI)
If you have questions about the membership or process, please contact us.

Premium benefits packages

Development project fellowships
  • 1/year, limit 10 participants
  • Financial management
  • Website
  • Admissions process
  • Recruitment
  • Marketing
  • Oversight/admin
Fiscal sponsorship
  • 1/year, limit $50k
  • Financial management
  • Reporting
  • Contract management
Co-branded corporate Working Group
  • 1/year, limit 15 participants
  • Web presence
  • Meeting admin & logistics (staff time)
  • GitHub space

Standard benefits packages

Presence at the INCF Assembly
  • Presence at the INCF Assembly
  • Booth
  • Logo on website and program*
  • Registration
  • Ad in program*


*if printed

Repository for training materials
  • Limit 1 collection, 5 courses
  • Uploading/curation
  • Some branding of pages & collection landing page
  • Linking to existing content
Marketing package
  • Advertising in the INCF Newsletter (2/year)
  • Ads on, TrainingSpace, Neurostars (content type, 2x1week/year)
  • 20% discount on exhibit space at INCF Assembly