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Neurostars is an open access question and answer site that serves the INCF network and the global neuroscience community as a forum for knowledge exchange between neuroscience researchers at all levels of expertise, software developers, and infrastructure providers. Access to Neurostars is free to the neuroscience community thanks to the generous support of our sponsors.

Neurostars for software, infrastructure, scientific societies, and virtual courses

Software developers and infrastructure providers in need of a mechanism in which to engage and provide support to user communities and those in need of a platform to integrate tutorials and discussion forums (via INCF TrainingSpace)

Scientific societies in need of a forum for knowledge exchange and support between members

Virtual course organizers in need of an archivable Q & A forum to support learning in their courses where access can be restricted to registered participants with automated notifications and the ability to have multiple, linked subdiscussion groups

Individuals in need of sharing ideas, asking questions and finding answers, and helping others within neuroscience without any cost


Why Neurostars?

Here is a short video describing Neurostars, a question and answer forum for neuroscience researchers, infrastructure providers and software devlopers.

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Who is using Neurostars

Why use Neurostars

  • One of the largest neuroscience Q & A forums in the world covering a wide range of neuroscience related disciplines

  • A forum in which neuroscience researchers can troubleshoot issues with the developers and providers of some of the world’s leading neuroscience software and infrastructure

  • Provide Q & A forum to support your virtual courses (e.g. Neuromatch Academy), scientific societies (e.g. OCNS), and software development (e.g. BIDS)

  • Publicly viewable and search engine friendly forum. Categories, sub-categories, tags, and user groups enable streamlined activities and easy access to the relevant topics

  • Moderated by experts in the field. Trust system for members to become trusted over time and earn the abilities to help maintain the community

  • Support for LaTex and date functions

  • Forums can linked to tutorials and workshops posted in the INCF TrainingSpace, an online repository of multimedia neuroscience training materials

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