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INCF community building activities

The activities of the INCF network serve the community by providing: training and mentorship opportunities, forums to develop, implement, and promote standards and best practices, as well as activities that promote the development of neuroinformatics as a scientific discipline.

The INCF network offers a wide range of in-person training courses that reflect the specialisms of neuroinformatics and formal mentoring opportunities. Learn more

The INCF network has formal partnerships with many of the leading neuroscience societies and brain projects. The network also sponsors community-based events related to training and promotion of neuroinformatics. Learn more  

The Assembly is the annual gathering of the INCF network. The multi-day event is composed training courses, SIG/WG meetings, thematic workshops, and culminates with the INCF Congress on Neuroinformatics. Learn more

INCF Working Groups are the vehicles used by the INCF network to develop, refine, implement, and promote community standards. Learn more

The INCF Training Suite is a collection of open access platforms that aims to facilitate self-guided study in the sub-specialisms of neuroscience with an emphasis on Neuroinformatics and acts as a framework for integrating and making Neuroscience related training materials FAIR. Learn more

Neurostars (NS) is an open access question and answer site that serves the INCF network and the global neuroscience community as a forum for knowledge exchange between neuroscience researchers at all levels of expertise, software developers, and infrastructure providers. Learn more