INCF is currently managing or participating in a number of collaborative projects to develop tools and other resources for neuroscience researchers. We also organize an annual neuroinformatics conference, hackathons, and participate in international neuroscience conferences and events.

Endorsement and development of standards and best practices

INCF advances data reuse and reproducibility in brain research through providing a process for the endorsement and development of global community standards and best practices.

The INCF Assembly

INCF organizes the world's leading conference in neuroinformatics where our community gather to advance the field.


Leading the development and provision of training and educational resources in neuroinformatics, INCF has developed an online repository for training and educational materials, TrainingSpace.

Collaborative projects

INCF is involved in a number of collaborative projects together with organizations such as the CENTER-TBI consortium, the Human Brain Project, the Kavli Foundation, General Electric, Janelia Farm, and Allen Institute for Brain Science.

INCF events

Together with its collaborators, INCF organizes a number of events covering scientific topics as well as policy and funding. We also host social events during international conferences. 

Previous activities

In the past 10 years, the INCF community has delivered a number of tools and resources and organized many workshops and other events for the neuroscience community.