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The INCF community blog is where we collect news, success stories, information about the INCF Assembly, our workshops, and community activities. You can also submit your relevant job openings. You can suggest content for the blog by filling out this form.


  • INCF announced the 2019 Assembly in Warsaw Poland

    The annual INCF Congress provides a meeting place for researchers in all fields related to neuroinformatics. Join us for keynotes from top neuroscientists, community sessions and poster- and demo sessions.

  • The official launch of TrainingSpace!

    INCF is proud to announce the official launch of TrainingSpace (TS), an online hub that aims to make neuroscience educational materials more accessible to the global neuroscience community developed in collaboration with INCF, HBP, SfN, FENS, IBRO, CONP, IEEE, BD2K, and iNeuro Initiative.

  • NeuroML
    The NeuroML project focuses on standard descriptions of neuroscience model components, in the form of development of an XML (eXtensible Markup Language) based description language that provides a common data format for defining and exchanging descriptions of neuronal cell and network models.
  • Call for SIGs/WGs to meet in Warsaw at the INCF Assembly 2019

    INCF is calling for community proposals for Special Interest Group (SIG) and Working Group (WG) meetings to be held in Warsaw on August 31, the day before the Neuroinformatics Congress. The call is open both to new and existing INCF SIGs/WGs.

  • Neurobot gets good reviews at the TBI Data Analytics Workshop

    Neurobot is a clinical study data management tool developed by INCF. CENTER-TBI, a large European project that aims to improve the care for patients with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is the first study using Neurobot and it was customised based on the feedback from researchers in the project.

  • Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS)

    BIDS (Brain Imaging Data Structure) was developed to give the community a simple and easy to adopt way of organizing neuroimaging and behavioral data.

  • Community Survey on QC/QA in neuroimaging

    The INCF Special Interest Group on Neuroimaging Quality Control (niQC) has developed a survey to get a sense of various types of QC/QA that is done in the neuroimaging community.

  • New global brain consortium at the Ludmer Centre for Neuroinformatics & Mental Health

    A new $10-million investment from the Ludmer Family Foundation will establish the Ludmer Centre Heritage Fund and help launch and support a Global Brain Consortium of leading brain research institutions focused on sharing infrastructure, methodologies and results, ultimately accelerating treatment for patients.

  • Nature Journals adopt RRID

    From October 15th, 2018, Nature Publishing Group has updated their instructions to authors to include Research Resource IDs (RRIDs).

  • New version of NeuroMorpho released - 100K digital reconstructions available!

    Version 7.6 of NeuroMorpho.Org, which passed the landmark milestone of 100,000 publicly shared digital reconstructions, was released on November 27.