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Neurobot detailed features

Key Features

Data management
  • Upload a new dataset in zip/.csv format

  •  Manual/Auto detection of time series data  

  •  Option to choose default variable data columns to download with user selected variables

  • Add user manual for particular dataset

  • Manage the dataset display label and order of display on neurobot of different datasets

  • Enable/Disable a dataset. Only enabled Dataset will be visible on neurobot web to search the variables

  • Option to set dataset as “Public”  making it available for all the registered neurobot users

Data dictionary
  • Auto generate dictionary based on uploaded data  

  •  Further build the data dictionary with attributes having different input types

  • Update values of each attribute and immediately reflect it on dictionary detail for that variable

  • Expose API endpoints to get dictionary as JSON

  • Export dictionary in JSON and .csv  format

  • Import  existing dictionary in JSON and .csv format

Save search
  • Save a set of selected variables for sharing

  • Save the variables including the applied filters

  • View list of all saved searches

  • Update the information about the saved search

  • Clone a saved search

  • Change version of the associated dataset in a saved search

Roles and permissions
  • Following roles are available within Neurobot

    • Super admin: Full access to all the functions

    • All data owner: Full access to all the uploaded datasets and the  users  associated

    • Data owner: Full access to assigned datasets by Super Admin or All Data owner. Manage the user access to the assigned datasets.

    • Read Only: Can View or download data assigned by above user roles for a specific dataset

  • Filter data based on selected variables

  •  According to the nature of the variable users can apply filters such as date range, value range etc.

  •  Download the data with applied filter and save the search with the applied filter

Users and user groups
  • User through LDAP as well as direct creation

  • User validation and password management

  • User groups associated to datasets

  • Management of user groups and the members

API key
  • Generate API key for user

  • Disable API access

  • Delete current API key

  • Samples of how to make API calls using API key

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