Together with our collaborators in the INCF Network, we develop and support products and services that facilitate neuroscience research. These tools solve problems such as lack of standards or limitations imposed by incompatibilities between commonly used tools. 






Music is a C++ library implementing an API which allows large scale neuronal network simulators to exchange data during runtime. A typical use case is connecting models developed for different simulators.



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Neurobot is a data access tool developed by INCF in close collaboration with the CENTER-TBI Data Curation Task Force. It is continuously updated to meet the needs of CENTER-TBI researchers to easily find the study variables and export them for further analysis. In addition to the Clinical data, the associated imaging and ICU data are currently available through Neurobot. Links are provided to large data files such as imaging and high-resolution ICU data, and they are combined with the clinical data of the individual patients based on the Global Unique Personal Identifier (GUPI). The current features of Neurobot include:

  • Free text search across form name, tags and variable name for the users to search variables rapidly
  • Provision for the users to find the forms the variables are associated with
  • Faster and easier selection of variables
  • Filtering based on categories
  • Multiple data export options (json, csv)
  • Extensive Data Dictionary
  • Option to save a set of selected variables for sharing


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A dynamic lexicon of terms used in Neuroscience. is a freely editable semantic wiki for community-based curation.



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Neurostars is an online question & answer resource for the neuroinformatics community.