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Google Summer of Code

Google Summer of Code (GSoC)

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is a global program focused on bringing new developers into open source software development. Since 2011, the INCF network has served as a mentoring organization that pairs GSoC candidates with developers from its community to work on 3-month programming projects. GSoC contributors are paid a stipend by Google. Between 2016 and 2024, when the program still was focused on students, INCF paired 168 students with 231 mentors.

This year, INCF is proud to serve as a mentor organization once again during GSoC 2024, and we have curated a project list with 32 projects from 21 open-source collaborating organizations. Potential contributors are now welcome to take a look at the project list and reach out to mentors directly on our neuroscience forum NeuroStars to see how they can contribute. If successfully matched with a mentor, contributors will design a project plan together. This  contributor recruitment phase ends March 18.

GSoC 2023 successful projects

Last year marked the 19th annual Google Summer of Code (GSoC), a global, online program focused on bringing new contributors into open source software development, as well as another year of successful participation by INCF-affiliated contributors. We are proud to have had 23 open source project contributors, as well as 44 mentors who oversaw the various projects.

Link to successful GSoC 2023 projects