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Neuroinformatics in Aging WG outputs

20 December 2021

The INCF Working Group on Neuroinformatics in Aging was formed in reaction to the observation that countries in Asia Pacific face a major societal burden due to decline in mental abilities and health of the rapidly aging population. Since its founding, the working group has arranged one meeting per year in the conference series BrainConnects. 

The group defines “Neuroinformatics of aging” as a multidisciplinary field where the management and analysis of data is combined with neurorobotics, neuropsychology, clinical neurology and social neuroscience to delay mental decline or improve the mental abilities among the aging.

Given the COVID situation in 2020, the group was unable to hold their yearly BrainConnects conference in person. Instead they announced a Frontiers article theme, Neuroimaging and Informatics for Successful Aging and called on the international community to submit papers. So far, 14 papers have been submitted and a few more are in the pipeline. The research theme has been viewed nearly 12 000 times!

Current articles: