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INCF accepted as a mentoring organization in GSoC 2022

8 March 2022

We are happy to announce that INCF has been accepted as a mentoring organization in Google Summer of Code 2022, for the 12th year running!

INCF has participated as a GSoC mentoring organization since 2011, identifying and recruiting mentors from our community who volunteer to mentor one or more GSoC contributors in open source software development over the summer. INCF has served as an umbrella organization, requesting and reviewing project ideas from community projects and pairing new contributors with mentors. GSoC contributors are in turn supported by a stipend from Google. 

Many core INCF community tools have been improved, extended, and made more interoperable as a result of GSoC (such as LORIS, The Virtual Brain, Open Source Brain, the Brian simulator and the Active Segmentation plugin for ImageJ - see more here). For this round, tool developers in the INCF community have proposed 50 possible projects that they would be willing to mentor, from a range of different neuroscience fields. 

From this year onward, GSoC is not only for students - contribution is open to anyone who is a beginner to open source. Tell your friends and colleagues!

Info for GSoC applicants

All interested GSoC applicants are recommended to use our forum Neurostars to make their initial contact with project mentors. All project ideas are available in the GSoC category under the tag “gsoc2022”. Each project idea is a separate post. Please use the project posts to contact the mentors, and make sure to notify them in your comment by mentioning the username listed in the post. If you have questions, please contact @malin (org admin) or @arnab1896 (co-org admin).

We have a Neurostars group for interested GSoC contributors - please apply to join it: GSoC_Contributors. We also recommend you to read Google’s helpful and informative GSoC Contributor guide.