INCF promotes the field of neuroinformatics and aims to advance data reuse and reproducibility in global brain research.

INCF at a glance

The mission of the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility, INCF, is to be an independent international facilitator catalyzing and coordinating the global development of neuroinformatics, and advancing training in the field. The goal of neuroinformatics is to integrate and analyze diverse data across scales, techniques, and species to understand the brain and positively impact the health and well being of society. 

INCF promotes the implementation of neuroinformatics and advances data reuse and reproducibility in brain research through:

We support the FAIR (Findable Accessible Interoperable Reproducible) principles, and strive to implement them across all our deliverables and activities.

INCF currently has Governing and Associate Nodes spanning 4 continents, with an extended network comprising organizations, individual researchers, industry, and publishers. The INCF Secretariat supports the Nodes with outreach, project management, and administration of community-driven projects regarding neuroinformatics training and standards and best practices for data sharing, infrastructure, and interoperability solutions for neuroscience.

INCF Congress participants 2014

Attendees at Neuroinformatics 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden

What is neuroinformatics?

Neuroinformatics tackles the challenge of integrating information across all levels and scales of neuroscience. Tools and standards provide solutions for fitting together and analyzing data that comes from vastly different timescales, techniques and animals across all levels, from single cells to the whole brain. 

The field provides guidelines for recording information about data and how it is analyzed so that experiments can be reproduced and the data can be reused in new studies.

The INCF Network promotes global sharing of neuroscience data and software, and fosters international collaboration to advance the development of neuroinformatics solutions. 



Neuroinformatics integrates information across all levels and scales of neuroscience