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MATLAB Community Toolbox Training Projects - 2022

The neuroscience team at MathWorks will support mentored & paid early-career code contribution projects to a MATLAB community toolbox (an open-access MATLABTM code repository) which serves neuroscience users and use cases. 

MATLAB Community Toolbox Training Projects program was held during summer 2022. View the 2023 program here.

How to apply:

  • Send an expression of interest via email to,  identifying one or more specific neuroscience community toolboxes of particular interest 
  • Please include a recent CV

Selection factors:

  • The trainee must match with a suitable project mentor for the community toolbox. It is encouraged to select from the list of participating toolboxes below, since these have pre-identified mentors. 
  • The Community toolbox should have established or promising usage potential. 
  • The Project specification will be agreed between trainee and mentor, with review by MathWorks neuroscience team. 
  • For further information, see Frequently Asked Questions


Project scopes should be specified to take approximately 7 weeks of full-time work. This can be concentrated full-time effort within that time frame; or spread out over a somewhat longer time frame with part-time effort. 

Summer is a peak time for short-term projects. It is aimed that most accepted projects will have a start date by July 11. Summer participants will be invited to a virtual social gathering in mid-August to meet other participants and learn about each others’ projects. Successfully completed summer projects will also enjoy some public recognition

Exact project start and end dates are flexible and should be agreed between the trainee and mentor. Subject to availability, project applications will also be accepted later in the year, with the latest possible completion date of December 9.  

Further Information:

For further information about the MATLAB Community Toolbox Training Projects, including details for both trainees and mentors, please see the FAQ document. If your question is not covered there, please contact

Participating Toolboxes:

Suitable mentors – leaders and/or developers of MATLAB Community Toolbox repositories – are invited to come forward by contacting

List of confirmed participating Community toolboxes (continuously updated)