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MATLAB Community Toolbox Training Projects - 2023

Summer 2023

The neuroscience team at MathWorks will support mentored & paid early-career code contribution projects to a MATLAB community toolbox (an open-access MATLABTM code repository) which serves neuroscience users and use cases. 

How to apply:

  • Send an expression of interest via email to,  identifying one or more specific neuroscience community toolboxes of particular interest.
  • Please include a recent CV.

Selection factors:

  • The trainee must match with a suitable project mentor for the community toolbox. It is encouraged to select from the list of participating toolboxes, since these have pre-identified mentors. 
  • The community toolbox should have established or promising usage potential. 
  • The project specification will be agreed between trainee and mentor, with review by the MathWorks neuroscience team. 
  • For further information, see Frequently Asked Questions.


Project scopes should be specified to take approximately 7 weeks of full-time work. This can be concentrated full-time effort; or spread out over a somewhat longer time frame with part-time effort.

All projects should start by July 1 and be completed by September 30. Exact project start and end dates should be agreed between the trainee and mentor.

Participants will be invited to a virtual mid-summer gathering in August to meet other participants and share about each others’ projects.

Further Information:

For further information about MATLAB Community Toolbox Training Projects 2023, please see Frequently Asked Questions. If your question is not covered there, please contact

Participating Toolboxes:

Suitable mentors – leaders and/or developers of MATLAB Community Toolbox repositories – are invited to come forward by contacting

List of confirmed participating Community toolboxes (continuously updated)