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Integrated Storage and Management of Data & Metadata with NIX

Integrated Storage and Management of Data & Metadata with NIX

Organizers: Achilleas Koutsou, Christian Kellner, Jan Grewe & Michael Sonntag, Julia Sprenger and Michael Denker


Dates: 30 Aug - 1 Sep 2021
Time: 11:00-15:00 EDT / 17:00 - 21:00 CEST
Target audience: Neuroscientists looking for a solution of integrated handling of data & metadata in a standard format. Participants should have basic knowledge of programming in Python
Registration deadline: 25 July 2021
Register for this session: CLOSED
Maximum participants: 30

About this workshop
In this 3-day workshop, we will demonstrate the NIX data model and format for (neuro)scientific data. We will introduce the basic concepts of the data model and library in lectures and exercises using data from real use cases. In interactive exercise sessions we will cover how to store various types of neuroscience data, together with their metadata and relations, tag points and regions, and automatically create fully labeled plots from the stored information. Users are also invited to present their data structures and start storing them in NIX. Finally, we will address the interoperability with the NEO objects for electrophysiological data and the Elephant toolbox.

Agenda (preliminary)
Day 0 General introduction to the NIX data model and library

  • Pre-recorded lecture will be made available to participants 1 week before the start of the course.

Day 1 Recap of the basic concepts and programming exercises using nixpy.

  • Introduction on storing simple data types.
  • Exercises on storing various types of data in NIX.
  • Introduction on storing metadata in a hierarchical format.
  • Exercises: attaching metadata to data.
  • Exercises: Working with the data: selecting data, creating plots.

Day 2 Tagging points and regions, linking between datasets.

  • Introduction on tagging points and regions in NIX.
  • Exercises: Tagging and linking between data.
  • Exercises: Adding features.

Day 3 Introduction to NEO & Elephant (not confirmed yet)

  • Introduction to the NEO data model and the Elephant toolkit.
  • Interactive session on using NEO and Elephant.