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The Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS) carpentry workshop

The Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS) carpentry workshop

Organizers: Erin Dickie and JB Poline

Dates: 2 September 2021
Time: 9-11 EDT / 15-17 CEST
Target audience: Prospective BIDS users interested in a learning more about BIDS and how to implement it
Registration deadline: 19 August 2021
Register for this session: CLOSED
Maximum participants: N/A

About this tutorial
Join this session to get the latest information on BIDS Apps and BIDS derivatives, as well as learn more about the work the BIDS maintainers do to keep BIDS operating and moving forward.


Coming soon!

About BIDS

The Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS), the first INCF endorsed standard, is a standard prescribing a formal way to name and organize MRI data and metadata in a file system that simplifies communication and collaboration between users and enables easier data validation and software development through using consistent paths and naming for data files. BIDS is strict regarding file organization, naming, and file metadata; but in order to support wide adoption, BIDS permits substantial flexibility in the details of how other dataset metadata are described within the standard. Learn more about BIDS.