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Store - Institutions and companies

Welcome to INCF!

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If you would like to register as a member, please do it here for Institutions and organizations and here for companies

Institutions and non-profit organizations

Research institutions and non-profit organizations can join INCF at three different levels that corresponds to different sets of benefits. Institutional membership enables its researchers to participate in decision making around the implementation of standards and best practices and to access funding for working group

  • Institutions - Copper
    2 000,00 USD
  • Institutions - Bronze
    10 000,00 USD
  • Institutions - Silver
    25 000,00 USD
  • Institutions - Gold
    50 000,00 USD

Companies providing products and services in areas related to neuroscience, neurotech, data science, and e-infrastructure can join the newly formed INCF Industry Advisory Council (IAC).

  • Companies - Bronze
    2 000,00 USD
  • Companies - Silver
    20 000,00 USD
  • Companies - Gold
    50 000,00 USD