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Upgrade and Fix tvb-gdist C++ Library


Ayan Banerjee
Paula Popa 
Lia Domide

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When The Virtual Brain(TVB) runs simulations on cortical surfaces, we need to be able and compute geodesic distances (distance on the surface) instead of the trivial Euclidean distances. For this calculus, we have a small C++ library, which had become outdated. We need to:

  • start with an analysis done by the student if the current implementation should be reused and fixed, or completely replaced, then

  • proceed with the fix/replacement as concluded at the previous step.

    • If we are to fix the current implementation, we need to fix the 6 issues reported on Github during this project, and also

    • make sure the library compiles correctly with the latest version of clang.

  • we need to have unit-test written for the main flows as well as for some common exceptions

  • the unit-tests should run automatically by integration in our CI Jenkins system

  • at the end of this project, also tvb-gdist packages on Pypi and conda-forge should be updated.

The current implementation is hosted here:


- Improved tvb-gdist C++ code

-  Link to The Virtual Brain

The current implementation is hosted here: