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Technical Improvements to enhance the usability of The Turing Way chapters by different user groups


Contributor: Arya A.

Mentors: Malvika Sharan


The Turing Way is an open source, open collaboration and community-led handbook on data science. The book is hosted online in a browsable format. Over the last four years, the book has grown significantly, making it challenging to navigate. The team created a Python package in 2022 to enhance The Turing Way's usability by enabling various access points to the book depending on the user profile or persona. But before integrating the feature provided by the package to Turing Way, there are some improvements that need to be made to allow a better user experience. The project aims at improving the Python Package to enhance the accessibility of The Turing Way.

Completed Deliverables
  • Making browsing experience less confusing by modifying chapter links and profile tags based on a selected ‘pathway’, rather than displaying all tags associated with a chapter.
  • Adding a feature to provide descriptions for each pathway which will improve user experience allowing meaningful use of books by all profile types.
  • Implementing the solutions proposed in this application and integrating them into The Turing Way via the open source framework.