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OpenWorm - OpenDevoCell Integration


Ujjwal Singh
Bradly Alicea
Vinay Varma Nadimpalli


In any open-source organization, one of the key factors to grow is how many people are involved in it. I have introduced OpenWorm in many conferences and meetups and everyone was interested in contributing to it. Many new members have also joined OpenWorm Slack in recent days. 

To remove this barrier I have identified a few major factors listed below.

  • We have many models, projects but no commonplace to access it.

  • Social Reach is also not so good.

  • “People coming from outside find difficulty in knowing what’s going on in the organization” (Anonymous user).

The OpenDevoCell Integration is going to be a great initiative to solve this barrier, it not only helps the other researchers to see and appreciate our work but it would also help to organize this organization functioning in the coming days. OpenDevoCell is going to be the one-stop portal so that everyone from any part of the world can access our work in an effective manner. Many biologists need ML in their work nowadays, but they don’t know much about ML, which is kind of a barrier in their work. We would try to solve these problems for the biologist who has the same research interests as ours.

In this project, we are integrating some projects which are being developed in past year GSoC projects. I am also fortunate to work in the Digital Bacillaria project, so I know in the depth of how that project works and how to implement it in a web portal. 

Also, the idea of deploying a python library also is a very good initiative. It will make it even easier to use our models as you can just import our library and get all our data in your python code to do your research.

  • Solve some of the barriers existing in OpenWorm
  • Develop the OpenDevoCell portal to be globally accessible