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Integrate Zenodo API with The Virtual Brain

Active, Closed for joining

Contributor: Abhijit Deo

Mentors: Lia Domide, romina.baila


The Virtual Brain (TVB) is a scientific simulation platform that provides all means to generate, manipulate and visualize connectivity and network dynamics of the brain networks. Researchers in Computational Neuroscience use brain network models to understand the dynamic behavior of the healthy and diseased brain, as measured by various neuroimaging techniques such as fMRI, EEG, and MEG. TVB is currently the only neuroinformatics project providing a platform for researchers to work together on modeling studies using brain network models with realistic connectivity. The modeling of the simulations requires datasets generally hosted on data storage platforms like Zenodo, OpenSourceBrain, EBRAINS, etc. One has to download the dataset manually, unzip it and then use it inside the web GUI. Instead of manually downloading and unzipping the data, the project's goal is to have a dedicated framework to manage the downloading and unzipping the dataset from remote sources. Right now, we are focusing on the Zenodo platform, but there are other platforms like OpenSourceBrain and EBRAINS for which we would like to extend the downloading functionality.

Completed Deliverables
  • Zenodo API integration with TVB
  • Automatic downloading and unzipping of TVB data