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INCF/OHBM Working Group on checklists from transparent methods reporting in neuroscience (eCobidas)

Active, Soliciting members

This working group will turn the COBIDAS recommendations and guidelines into a series of checklists hosted on a website, to let users report information faster and with more detail. 

The machine-readable output can form the foundation of a Methods section. This will enhance adoption and use of emerging neuroimaging standards such as BIDS and fMRIprep, facilitate data sharing and pre-registration, and help with peer-review.

The groups envisions that using checklists to report methods and results can:

  • Provide comprehensive human and machine readable descriptions of the data  collection and analysis pipelines to reduce inefficiencies and frictions in reuse
  • Facilitate the creation and preparation of pre-registration and registered reports, and help users think about and create pipelines before they start collecting data
  • Help make peer-review more objective: by supplying an app to check pipelines
  • Facilitate systematic literature reviews and meta-analyses 
  • Facilitate data sharing 

The implementation of this project should remain flexible enough to accommodate the inclusion of new items in the checklist as new methods mature, and reusable to enable easily setting up a checklist website for a different field.


How we work

Monthly virtual meetings, coordination in a dedicated channel on the Brainhack Mattermost. Some “sprints” are usually also organized for hackathons and brainhack events. For updates about the progress of the project (meeting minutes, announcement of upcoming hackathons et cetera), you can join our google group. For more frequent and “behind the scenes” updates you can join the `cobidas_checklist` channel on the brainhack mattermost.



Remi Gau, Université Catholique de Louvain
Cyril Pernet, [in transition TBU - University of Edinburgh, until April 2021]
Sanu Ann, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Johannes Algermissen, Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition, and Behaviour, Radboud University


The working group will create a set of tools and a proof of concept web-app that can:

  • Convert a set of spreadsheet of items into a schema that represents all
  • Generate a checklist to be clicked through by users from this schema
  • Outputs a set of JSON-LD files once the user is done
  • Generate a method section using these JSON-LD files and some boilerplate template of a method section where the content of the JSON-LD files could be reinjected
  • COBIDAS checklist web app (expected)