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INCF Working Group on Standardized Data

Active, Soliciting members

Lyuba Zehl, Jülich Research Centre INM
Andrew Davison, CNRS & NeuroPSI
Sylvain Takerkart, CNRS & INT
Ben Dichter, CatalystNeuro


The goal of this Working Group is to develop a set of specifications and tools that would allow standardization of a directory structure for experimental data, recorded with animal models in neuroscience. It will capitalize on the success of BIDS for human neuroimaging data, while retaining the specificities of data sets obtained in animal models. This standardized data structure will facilitate reproducible research and data sharing following the FAIR principles.

How we work

This working group has monthly teleconferences. Contact us to join.

  • Always 4:00 p.m. CET via Zoom;
    • July 19
    • Sept 20
    • Oct 18
    • Nov 15
    • Dec 20
Lyuba Zehl, Jülich Research Centre & HBP/EBRAINS
Andrew Davison, CNRS, & NeuroPSI
Sylvain Takerkart, CNRS & INT
Thomas Brochier, CNRS & INT 
Yaroslav Halchenko, Dartmouth College
Mikkel Lepperød, CINPLA & University of Oslo
Kévin Blaize, CNRS & INT
Emmanuel Procyk, SBRI
Charlie Wilson, SBRI
Samuel Garcia, CNRS & CRNL
Julian Budd, Hungarian Academy of Science
Mikael Palner, Copenhagen University Hospital
Suliann Ben Hamed, CNRS
Eduarda Gervini Zampieri Centeno,Bordeaux Neurocampus,CNRS & Amsterdam UMC Tom Gillespie, University of California
Igor Kagan, German Primate Center (DPZ)
Niccolo Bonacchi, International Brain Laboratory
Julia Sprenger, Institute de Neurosciences de la Timone
Satra Ghosh, MIT & Harvard Medical School
Julien Colomb, Humboldt Universität
Thomas Wachtler, LMU Münich
Fred Barthelemy, Research Centre Jülich & INT
David Meunier, INT
Chris van der Togt, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience
Robert Oostenveld, Donders Institute
Eric Burguière, CNRS & Institut du Cerveau
Michael Denker, Jülich Research Centre
Karim Ndiaye, Institut du Cerveau
Ben Dichter, CatalystNeuro
Lizbeth Mondragon, Institut du Cerveau
Ida Aasebø, University of Oslo
Deepti Mittal, University of heidelberg
Julia Huntenburg, International Brain Laboratory
Mari-Hélène Bourget, Université Polytechnique Montréal
Jeremy Delahanty, The Salk Institute for Biological Sciences
Joseph Ziminski, Sainsbury Wellcome Centre
Aaron Reer, University of Oldenburg

The objective of this WG is to standardize the organization of experimental data recorded with animal models in neuroscience. Specifically, the WG aim to develop:

  • A recommended file organization in a directory structure
  • File naming conventions
  • Better organization of the metadata
  • New file formats for data and metadata
  • Recommended directory structure and file naming convention (expected)
  • Recommended organization of the metadata (expected)
  • Specifications of file formats for the data and metadata (expected)
  • Finalization of BIDS Extension Proposal (BEP032) (expected)