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INCF Working Group on Psychophysics Software with MATLAB

Active, Soliciting members

This working group serves users and use cases of MATLAB (and Simulink) for psychophysics experimental control & data analysis, including applications in vision science, cellular neuroscience, and human brain mapping. Psychophysics software supports quantitative assessment of the relationships between sensory stimuli characteristics and measured neural/brain responses, perceptual reports, and/or measured behavior effects. The working group is attuned to the breadth of today’s requirements for psychophysics software: low-code to all-code user profiles, myriad hardware integrations, local to online experimental workflows, and various software operating systems. 

How we work
  • Invited community project presentations
  • Annual meeting cycle:
    • Spring - Public Community Project Report-Outs (typically at VSS Conference)
    • Summer - Community Project Assessment
    • Fall - Community Project Priority Discussion
    • Winter - Deliverables Completion & Next Year Planning
  • Technology: Zoom meetings, Google Docs

Nikolaus Troje, York University
Vijay Iyer, MathWorks

  • Organize a public session for psychophysics software community projects to showcase new developments 
  • Google Doc conveying recommendations for priority directions for established psychophysics MATLAB community toolboxes (e.g., Psychophysics Toolbox) 
  • Google Doc conveying recommendations for emerging psychophysics software needs, which might be served by new or emerging MATLAB community toolboxes, commercial offerings, and/or MathWorks product updates