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Improving graphical interface and user experience on AnalySim

Active, Closed for joining

Contributor: Pon Raja Prabhu

Mentors: Anca Doloc-Mihu, Cengiz Gunay


This project’s objective is to improve the overall GUI design and user experience of the AnalySim platform. From design to functionality, various features will be examined and either replaced or modified to enhance users’ interaction with datasets, code, and site navigation.

Completed Deliverables
  • Remove bootstrap from the application and substitute the design with pure SCSS. 
  • Finish implementing the CSS global variables and add component wise CSS variables to improve the reusability of code in the application.
  • Add CSV viewing functionality on the datasets of AnalySim to view, filter, and browse through the columns of the file. 
  • Create a feature on the Jupyter notebooks to make the Notebooks downloadable.
  • Improve the Registration page, Explore section page, and My Dashboard page design.
  • Make the design of the application consistent throughout the application to create a great user experience.