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Exploring open-source sustainability via agent-based modelling


Contributor: R. V. Rajagopalan

Mentors:Jesse Parent, Bradly Alicea


The proposed project aims to address the sustainability challenges faced by open-source software projects by using an agent-based modelling and simulation approach. Open-source projects often face issues such as limited resources, difficulty in attracting and retaining contributors, and communication breakdowns, which can hinder their growth and sustainability. To address these challenges, the project will simulate various scenarios and identify the factors that contribute to the success or failure of open-source projects. The project will provide a framework that enables simulating different scenarios to assist project maintainers in making informed decisions that promote sustainability. This approach can offer a more detailed and context-specific understanding of the challenges open-source projects face and develop effective strategies for maintaining their sustainability.

Completed Deliverables
  • Open-source project scenario simulation
  • Factor identification in successful or failing projects for informed decision making and strategy development