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Conversion of public neurophysiology datasets to NeuroData Without Borders format


Vergil (Reuben) Haynes 
Matteo Cantarelli
Padraig Gleeson


Neuroscience data comes in multiple different data formats and structures. These differences provide a major technical barrier to sharing data between labs or even within labs. Often the organization and naming conventions of neuroscience data structures further obscures how to understand and analyze the data unless already intimately familiar with a specific data structure. The Neurodata Without Borders (NWB 1 ) Initiative provides neurophysiology datasets in a standardized HDF5 format that employs domain knowledge to alleviate the burden of different data formats and structures across multiple experimental paradigms. In addition, the NWB Initiative provides tools for handling, visualizing and analyzing NWB formatted data. 

This proposed project aims to contribute to NWB Showcase made available at NWB Explorer 2 on the Open Source Brain repository 3 . The proposed project will deliver multiple converted datasets to be viewed at the NWB Explorer and will integrate tutorials and analysis examples for select converted datasets.

  • Contribute to the NWB Showcase
  • Deliver multiple converted datasets
  • Integrate tutorials and analysis examples for select converted datasets