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NeuroImaging Data Model (NIDM)-Results provides a representation of mass univariate neuroimaging analysis results, unified across analysis software packages. Implementation of NIDM-Results within FSL and SPM, two of the main neuroimaging software packages, provides an automated solution to share maps generated by neuroimaging studies along with their metadata. In neuroimaging, “mass univariate” analyses – where a univariate model is independently fit to each voxel in parallel – are applied to a large range of datasets including: functional MRI, anatomical MRI (with Voxel-Based Morphometry), PET, EEG and MEG data.

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NIDM-Results webpage

Commentaries on endorsed standards

BIDS and the NeuroImaging Data Model (NIDM)

Supporting software

Usage scenario
  • A representation of mass univariate neuroimaging analysis results for:
    • fMRI
    • Anatomical MRI with voxel-based morphometry
    • PET
    • EEG
    • MEG
  • Share or reuse data from NeuroVault (supports both import and export to NIDM-Results) and CBRAIN (supports export to NIDM-Results) 
  • Use SPM or FSL for analyses. NIDM-Results is natively implemented in SPM and an exporter available for FSL

Use Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS) in conjunction with the Neuroimaging Data Structure (NIDM) because NIDM adds additional capabilities to track provenance and disambiguate experimental details and data elements that may have substantial ambiguity to the eventual data user. Learn more: