One of INCF's key interests is to support the software tool developers in the neuroscience community

INCF Software Center

INCF Software Center was discontinued by the end of 2016. We launched the Software Center in 2008 as a resource that would make it easy for neuroscientists to find, use and share software tools. Today, other repositories and services provide a richer feature set, and we realized that the Software Center didn’t provide the level of service we wish for our users.

Our scope is changing from hosting to search and discovery of software tools. If you perform a search here on our website, you will be able to find neuroinformatics software tools hosted by Github and Nitrc.

Join us on GitHub and NITRC

Many software projects from INCF and our community are on GitHub. Our GitHub organization page is a good starting point.

Hundreds of neuroinformatics software and data resources, are shared through the NITRC Registry, NITRC Image Repository, and NITRC Computational Environment.  Their community forums have a global audience.