Save the date: Workshop on making open neuroscience infrastructures interoperable

This workshop will gather individuals and organisations interested in the development of infrastructure for data dissemination in a broad sense, including dissemination of derived data and links to computational resources.

Specifically, the goals of this workshop are to

  • review current open source infrastructures used to share neuroscience or other data
  • gather key players in the development of these infrastructures to present the goals, scope and technical components of their projects
  • identify specific action points and projects which will improve interoperability across these infrastructures

Dates: March 21-23, 2018

Location: McGill University, Montréal, Venue to be specified.

More information: contact Mathew Abrams,

Program sketch:

March 21:
- Afternoon: Welcoming address and presentations of the MNI infrastructures and projects

March 22:
- Morning: the goals and scopes of current infrastructures and technical components
- Afternoon: identifying key interoperability questions, forming working groups

March 23:
- Morning: working group meetings (including some hacking)
- Afternoon: presentation of the working groups plans and results