INCF endorses community standards and best practices

We are further developing our aim to promote the neuroinformatics field and advance data reuse and reproducibility in brain research by implementing a process for endorsement of community standards and best practices (SBPs) for neuroscience. The endorsement process includes a community review and is overseen by a committee appointed by the Council for Training, Science, and Infrastructure (CTSI).  Endorsed SBPs will be made available on and promoted to the community, to journals, and to funders through INCF’s training and outreach efforts. A list of current of endorsed SBPs can be found here.

The INCF SBP endorsement process enables the community to propose

  • an existing SBP
  • the extension of an existing SBP, for example to support additional data types, or
  • the development of a new SBP

INCF supports the FAIR (Findable Accessible Interoperable Reusable) principles, and endorsed SBPs will be required to comply with these principles. INCF will provide financial support to working groups in categories 2 and 3 listed above.

INCF seeks to serve the global neuroscience community by providing materials, expertise, training, and SBPs for:

  • scientists seeking to improve their science through neuroinformatics, who will benefit from a coordinated network of tools and expertise
  • current infrastructure providers so they can do their jobs better and participate in the global network
  • those seeking to add new capacity to the network

If you have questions about the SBP process, please contact us at