The Swedish Node was established in 2006, and is one of the Governing Nodes, which contribute to the scientific operation of INCF.


The INCF Node of Sweden is coordinated from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. It functions as a distributed network of researchers, and there are several ongoing collaborations throughout Sweden, for example with the Swedish e-science Research Center (SeRC) and the Neuronano center in Lund and KTH.

Supercomputer resources for brain simulations are available via the KTH Center for Parallel Computers.

Furthermore, in the Swedish node network, training related activities have grown over the years. During last year several of the PhD students admitted to the Erasmus Mundus PhD training network in neuroinformatics, EuroSPIN defended their PhDs and got rewarded with joint degrees.

Contact details

Contact person

Professor Jeanette Hellgren Kotaleski at the Department of Computational Science and Technology, School of Computer Science and Communication, KTH. jeanette@kth.se


SeRC, the Swedish e-science Research Center http://www.e-science.se/
Brain-IT network http://e-science.se/community/brain-it
Publication on algorithms developed in the HPC environment to a neuromorphic (SPiNNaker) system (doi: 10.3389/fnana.2016.00037)
EuroSPIN https://www.kth.se/en/studies/phd/joint-doctorate/eurospin


Annual Node Report 2018