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Professor Gary Egan, ARC Director, Centre of Excellence in Integrative Brain Function (

Dr Wojtek James Goscinski ,Manager, Monash eResearch Centre (


The Australian node is an initiative of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Integrative Brain Function (administered out of Monash University), and works with Australian eResearch organisations, including the MASSIVE high-performance computing facility, to provide neuroinformatics research services to  Australian neuroscientists. The Australian Node is a Governing Node of the INCF and is represented on the INCF Governing Board (voting Deputy Chair), Council for Training, Science and Infrastructure (2 voting members) and Infrastructure Committee (Chair).

The INCF Australian node represents Australian neuroinformatics efforts and promotes and prioritize neuroinformatics on a national scale, including working on the development of tools and best practice for the storage, sharing and publishing of imaging data. The Australian node works with INCF globally to foster scientific collaboration, advancing training and coordinate the global development of neuroinformatics.

In 2020, the Australian node will host Neuroinformatics 2020 in Seattle, with Allen Institute as co-host.