Tool development

Neuroscience tool developers are an important part of our community. Bringing them together usually sparks many useful new ideas and tool improvements.

One of INCF's key interests is supporting the neuroscience community's tool builders, most of whom work open source. Several of our products and projects can be found on our GitHub page. Our current main support activities are arranging hackathons and participating as a mentoring organization in Google Summer of Code. 

INCF on GitHub

We encourage sharing of scientific software. Many of the tools developed or supported by INCF can be found via our GitHub page or elsewhere on GitHub.  


INCF has organized and sponsored hackathons since 2011 as independent events, part of community projects such as Neurodata Without Borders and BigNeuron, or in conjunction with conferences like OHBM and our own Congress on Neuroinformatics. You can find more hackathons arranged by our Nodes and extended community at the page.

Participants at the 2nd Neurodata Without Borders (photo courtesy of Jeff Teeters)

Participants at the 2nd Neurodata Without Borders (photo by Jeff Teeters)

Google Summer of Code

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is a global program that offers students stipends to write code for open source projects. INCF has participated as a mentoring organization since 2011 with mentors and projects contributed by our member countries and community.

Participating in GSoC helps us attract student developers into the neuroinformatics community. It also is a way for us to help tool communities grow, and we have seen that it sparks new collaborations between developers of different tools. If you have questions about projects or GSoC in general, please contact us on