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NIX data model: our newest endorsed standard!

17 November 2020

 As of Nov 9 2020, the NIX Format has been endorsed as a standard by INCF.

The Neuroscience Information Exchange (NIX) Format was developed for electrophysiology data, and it allows for storage of fully annotated datasets (including metadata) in a consistent, comprehensive format. The model can be used with predefined or custom terminology allowing for specificity. The goal of the model is to provide a common data structure and APIs for data types across disciplines.

The NIX project includes native I/O libraries for C++ and Python, language bindings for Java and MATLAB, and a viewer for NIX datafiles, although the HDF5 viewer can also be used.

Find out more about NIX: 

Check out this short video on NIX: 

Other INCF-endorsed standards include PyNN, BIDS, NeuroML, and NWB. See our entire Standards and Best Practices Portfolio, including those undergoing the review process, here.