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New INCF Infrastructure: Open Data Commons for Traumatic Brain Injury

14 March 2024

INCF is happy to announce a new addition to our Infrastructure Portfolio, the Open Data Commons for Traumatic Brain Injury (ODC-TBI). With almost 200 datasets and 16 DOIs from over 100 labs, ODC-TBI is a data-sharing portal and repository for traumatic brain injury (TBI) data. ODC-TBI not only provides a protected space for sharing and publishing TBI data, but also aims to do so in compliance with both the FAIR data principles and the NIH Data Sharing Policy

ODC-TBI presently facilitates data exchange within the Translational Outcomes Project in Neurotrauma (TOP-NT), an NIH-funded consortium designed to support the development and validation of clinically relevant biomarkers for TBI. Additionally, ODC-TBI  serves as the data sharing platform for the interagency initiative PRECISE: PREClinical Interagency reSearch resourcE for TBI, striving to elevate rigor, reproducibility, transparency, and translation in TBI research. 

While the exploration and use of ODC-TBI’s public data is accessible to all TBI researchers, membership in ODC-TBI is restricted to those affiliated with a recognized institution or organization with appropriate data security measures in place. If you have questions for the ODC-TBI team, you can reach out to

As the TBI community grows, INCF is proud to support ODC-TBI in their mission of enhancing data sharing, as well as fostering transparency and reproducibility in the pursuit of finding treatments for TBI. You can learn more about this infrastructure by visiting their website ( as well as checking out the publications below. 

Read more: 

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