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INCF re-endorses NeuroML, BIDS and PyNN

27 September 2021

The INCF endorsement process for standards and best practices has been active for more than two years. This means our earliest endorsed standards are now up for re-endorsement!

This month, INCF re-endorsed the model description language NeuroML. Earlier this summer, INCF also re-endorsed the standards BIDS (Brain Imaging Data Structure) and PyNN

In our process, endorsement of a standard or best practice lasts two years before it has to be renewed. This is because the rapid development of new techniques brings a continuous need for updated standards, or new standards. Re-endorsement is meant to encourage developers to keep standards updated and relevant, and give recognition to community members investing their time and effort in standards. 

The most recent re-endorsement, NeuroML, is a simulator-independent, XML-based standardized model description language for computational neuroscience that provides a common data format for defining and exchanging descriptions of neuronal cell and network models. It is backed by an international, collaborative initiative. NeuroML specifications are developed by the NeuroML Editorial Board and overseen by its Scientific Committee

NeuroML focuses on models which are based on the biophysical and anatomical properties of real neurons, i.e. which include details of the detailed neuronal morphologies, the membrane conductances which underlie action potential generation and which are based on known anatomical connectivity. Users can build, visualise, analyse and simulate their models using NeuroML. It is also supported by a rich tool ecosystem of tools.