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INCF Community at SfN 2022

11 November 2022

SfN starts tomorrow - Sat Nov 12 - and we look forward to seeing you there! Here is a list of the INCF member activities that will be taking place during the week. Note that we may add to this list as the week goes on, so feel free to check back!

Exhibitor Hall C, 2504, DataJoint booth
Dimitri Yatsenko (INCF member)

Exhibitor Hall C, 3116, The Virtual Brain booth
The Virtual Brain
Julie Courtiol (INCF member)

Sat Nov 12, 9:15am PST
Exhibitor Hall C, 3418, AD Knowledge Portal booth
AD Knowledge Portal & MODEL-AD
Anna Greenwood (INCF member)

Sat Nov 12, 2-3pm PST
SDCC Halls B-H
Innovations in teaching undergraduate neuroscience
023.20/YY42: INCF KnowledgeSpace indexes easy-to-use MRI tools for remote teaching
Mathew Abrams (INCF co-director) & William (Bill) Grisham (INCF member)

Sun Nov 13, 8-9am PST
SDCC Halls B-H
Undergraduate neuroscience programs
025.13/ZZ14 INCF TrainingSpace: Open access training resources on the principles
of open science and FAIR neuroscience for neuroscience instructors
Mathew Abrams (INCF co-director)

Sun Nov 13, 11am PST
Exhibitor Hall C, 3105, Addgene booth
Jason Nasse (INCF member)

Sun Nov 13, 1-5pm PST
SDCC Halls B-H
Tools and resources for data standardization and data sharing
245.12/XX53: Addgene's AAV Data Hub: An open-source resource for technical
AAV expression data
Jason Nasse (INCF member)

Mon Nov 14, 9:30-11am PST
Exhibitor Hall C, 3116, HBP booth
KnowledgeSpace Demo
Mathew Abrams (INCF co-director)

Mon Nov 14, 10:30-11:30am PST
SDCC Ballroom 20
255.02 Open Neuroscience and the Meaning of FAIR
Maryann Martone (INCF governing board chair)

Mon Nov 14, 12-2pm PST
Professional development workshops
PDW06: Brain data science: A world of new neuroscience career opportunities
Mathew Abrams (INCF co-director)

Mon Nov 14, 1pm PST
Exhibitor Hall C, 3105, Addgene booth
Jason Nasse (INCF member)

Tue Nov 15, 8am-12pm PST
SDCC Halls B-H
Network computation I
497.13/YY47: The Virtual Brain - Ontology
Julie Courtiol (INCF member)

Wed Nov 16, 3pm PST
SDCC Halls B-H
Cell type dysregulation in disease
690.21/C8: Striatal mechanisms for entrainment to high frequency
components - an in silico study
Kadri Pajo (INCF member)