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INCF is announcing new memberships, new portal, and a new video!

11 October 2019

INCF has worked hard in the past months to optimize the services we provide to the neuroscience community, and we’re finally ready to announce the improvements we have done in order to serve the community better! First up is our new membership models - we have expanded the ways the community can be active participants and contributors to our mission to develop, evaluate, endorse, and implement standards and best practices that embrace the principles of open, FAIR, and citable neuroscience. 

INCF membership is now open to individuals, institutions, organizations, and companies who are interested in pushing reproducible neuroscience further and faster. 

INCF provides:

  • a forum where

    • neuroinformaticians can develop their skills, and search for others with needed skills

    • neuroscientists, informaticians, tool developers, and others can join together on common issues, and organize Special Interest Groups and Working Groups 

    • infrastructure providers and tool developers can share experiences and develop their toolsets to match community needs

    • companies can take part in discussions and decisions around strategy for standards development and implementation

  • neuroscience researchers with training in how to manage, share, and analyze their data

  • funders with tools to implement and encourage open and FAIR practices in neuroscience projects

Detailed information about the different memberships can be found on our brand new portal, which is the second thing we’re excited to announce! The INCF portal is not only full of information about our activities and how you can get involved, it’s also the place where you can find a standard or best practice for your specific use case, submit your own standard for endorsement, or apply to form a working group to develop a new standard or extend an existing one. There’s also information about our training activities and related services, and a new blog! We welcome community suggestions for the content of the blog, so let us know if you have content that is of interest for the INCF community.

INCF staff is off to Chicago, US, next week for SfN’s Neuroscience 2019 meeting - as usual we have a lot of activities going on in our booth (#2117), which is part of the “neuroinformatics aisle” together with The Virtual Brain, Neuroscience Information Framework, and Human Brain Project in the non-profits section of the exhibit floor. There will be t-shirts, reusable coffee mugs, and demos galore! You can find the demo schedule here

Last but not least, thanks to our neuroinformagical community we have been able to put together a short video describing the purpose of the INCF network and why you should get involved, we hope you will watch and join our network!


INCF memberships

Standards & best practices

INCF blog


INCF video

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you in Chicago!