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Call for global collaboration on standardization of neuroscience data

3 March 2022

A recent perspective article in Neuroinformatics calls for increased international collaboration on standardization of neuroscience data. Among the authors are Maryann Martone (Chair of the INCF Governing Board), JB Poline (Chair of the INCF Council for Training and Infrastructure), and a number of long time INCF advocates from former Nodes and Programs including David Kennedy, Fritz Sommer, Giorgio Ascoli, David Van Essen, Jeff Grethe, Michael Hawrylycz, Russ Poldrack, Satra Ghosh and David Keator. 

The authors are all neuroscientists engaged in the sharing and integration of multi-modal and multiscale data. Currently, they argue, insufficient standards are a major impediment for the interoperability and reusability of research results. The solution? Collaboratively developed neuroscience standards, on a global scale. Such an effort would need coordination across communities to help build consensus and ensure harmonization and interoperability of efforts.

The authors urge funders to re-focus some of their support for data collection to data curation, management, integration and interoperability, to fund software tools and infrastructure, 

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