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2024 ReproNim/INCF Fellowship

25 March 2024

INCF is happy to announce that 2024 marks the fourth year of an on-going fellowship program with ReproNim, a reproducible analysis framework for neuroimaging science. Since 2019, 33 awardees spanning diverse career stages, geographies, and genders have already participated in the program, and we are excited to welcome the 12 new members of this year’s cohort (see list below). Check out the resources developed by previous years’ fellows here

This initiative is a full-year, Train-the-Trainer fellowship program which provides fellows with conceptual and practical training in reproducible neuroimaging, as well as tailored support for individual syllabus development and implementation of reproducibility training in their home institutions. Both ReproNim and INCF recognize that supporting more reproducible neuroimaging research benefits from engagement across all levels of a research enterprise. That’s why this year’s program welcomed applications focused towards overcoming the barriers for best practices adoption within fellows’ respective local research environments.

In that spirit, this year’s fellows are expected to develop some mechanism for training others and sharing their interest and expertise in reproducibility at their respective home institutions/local scientific forums. Throughout the program, we will also seek fellows’ feedback on and contributions to ReproNim teaching materials, which provides potential opportunities for fellows (and their students) to help refine these materials to be maximally useful and accessible. 

ReproNim and INCF will conduct a hybrid kickoff workshop held in conjunction with the OHBM BrainHack, at the 2024 OHBM Conference this June in Seoul, South Korea. Congratulations to this year’s cohort, and we look forward to further supporting the development and promotion of FAIR neuroimaging resources.

2024 Cohort

  • Steven Meisler
  • Isil Poyraz Bilgin
  • Thomas Morin
  • Brent McPherson
  • Tamas Foldes
  • Erica Busch
  • Bharath Holla
  • McKenzie Hagen
  • Andreas Frick
  • Sunanda Somu
  • Charlotte Fraza 
  • Maya Foster