INCF supports the development and provision of training and educational resources in neuroinformatics.

The Training and Education Committee, TEC

The INCF TEC recommends INCF’s strategic direction in relation to training and education activities and consists of representatives from INCF Nodes, as well as representatives from the BD2K Training Initiative, FENS, IBRO, iNeuro Initiative, and OHBM.


The INCF TrainingSpace is an online repository linking neuroinformatics training resources developed both by INCF, our partners, and existing community resources. INCF offers financial support to community members who wish to develop training materials for integration into TrainingSpace.

Google Summer of Code (GSoC)

INCF has participated as a mentoring organization in GSoC since 2011. This activity facilitates the introduction of student developers into the neuroinformatics community. See our list of projects for 2018.