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Requirements for WG/SIG

Requirements for Working Group

  • The Working Group establishes a work plan and budget to accomplish its mission or task. This must include a plan for gathering appropriate input from the membership and the community
  • The Working Group provides quarterly reports to the INCF Secretariat on its progress
  • The Working Group uses the INCF website to provide access to publicly available documents, such as the work plan, committee minutes, selected working documents, and public presentations
  • The Working Group works with the INCF Secretariat to keep the membership and community aware of its progress
  • The Working Group reviews all comments made from the CTSI and any public comments received from INCF public review on all its work
  • The Working Group recommends that it be disbanded when its work is complete, if it determines that it cannot complete its work in a timely fashion, or if it determines that its work no longer fits INCF’s standards and best practices program. In the case of discontinuance of a standards/best practices project, a written justification for such an action shall be sent to the CTSI and the INCF Secretariat