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Czech Republic


Roman Mouček ( University of West Bohemia, Pilsen


The Czech National Node for Neuroinformatics (CNNN) is focused on building hardware and software infrastructure for research in electrophysiology, proposing and developing descriptions, methods and software tools for collection, annotation, pre/processing, analysis and interpretation of electrophysiological signals  (especially from the human brain) together with other multidimensional health-related data, and investigating temporal context-aware approaches in active learning. The applied results are directed towards brain-computer interfaces (BCI) and human-machine interfaces (HMI).

Activities of the members of the Czech National Node include the following research and engineering topics: semi-automated EEG and PSG analysis utilizing the ‘expert-in-the-loop’ principle, data preprocessing in the area of multidimensional (polysomnographic and electroencephalographic) long-term data, temporal context-aware approaches in active learning, design and implementation of methods and techniques for improvement of reliability of interactions between human subjects and artificial systems (HMI systems), experiments on an advanced driving simulator aimed on analysis of driver impairment caused by sleep deprivation, standardization of electrophysiological data and metadata descriptions, application of machine and deep learning methods to electroencephalographic signals, and testing of brain-computer interfaces for people with limited mobility.