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Perspective: Why we selected to undergo the INCF endorsement process

14 April 2020

Partnership with the INCF has enabled us to connect with our user-base on a global scale. Their annual conference, social media presence, and informative website have allowed us to engage with new users, communicate advances in the NWB ecosystem, and educate our user-base on how to get the most out of the growing set of tools in the NWB ecosystem. For us, submitting NWB to the Supported Best Practice (SBP) program was a clear next step in our partnership. The SBP review process provides valuable information for both the community as well as the NWB team.  

Official endorsement of NWB as an INCF SBP is a critical milestone in the maturity of the standard. Through this review process, we have demonstrated that we have met the needs of the field with sustainable infrastructure and broad usage. We hope that this status will help communicate the rigor, quality, and community support of NWB, and help us reach more users, particularly in the international community. We plan to work with INCF to disseminate news and educational materials, both in person at the annual INCF meetings and digitally using the TrainingSpace platform.